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Friday is the day of the webmasters the so-called Webmaster Friday. Today, it’s about the topic “The blog as a marketing tool” and the question of what role a blog can play in its own advertising strategy. Does it make sense to run a blog as a company or as an individual? And if so, what things should be considered.

From the original meaning, a blog is a digital diary. As with the paper, predecessor lives a blog of daily new content and thoughts that you want to share with his readers. Over time, the medium of the blog has also become interesting to spread advertising messages or to make himself and his products/services known. Here it starts to be problematic.

Visitors of blogs as well as visitors of forums are considered as above average critical and also as above average “advertising resistant”. Always assume. Every ad banner, every Adsense block, and every promotional item is perceived as disturbing by the masses and leads to a first fundamentally negative attitude.

In the attempt to monetize a blog or brand your own services/products, must be handled very carefully. What makes sense on a pure sales side will often lead to a shipwreck in a weblog. One should always be aware that a blog visitor comes with a different expectation (and even faster) than a prospect on a sales page.


A visitor on a sales page can be compared to a visitor to a shop. He comes with more or less strong purchase intent and it is up to the seller to convince this visitor and best to move to a purchase. Here is the seller asked.

A visitor to a blog is more likely to be in need of information, usually with a specific problem that he hopes to solve. A blog visitor is not looking for a seller. He is looking for an expert to help him solve the problem. Here the expert is in demand.

That is why branding as an expert has to be in the foreground as part of an overall marketing strategy. The visitor must, first of all, get the feeling that they are dealing with an expert who knows about the matter. The decision to stay and take his counterpart seriously is a decision of a few seconds. In these seconds it decides whether your visitor stays, takes you seriously or disappears right away and seeks a better solution with Aunt Google.

One should always put oneself in the perspective of its visitors.

How do you feel on a blog when you’re greeted with long load times and countless flashing banners? If the blogger has still not managed to scare you off, how do you feel when the first article you read is just a promotional item? Okay, you’re still there and are still trying article two? Again, the same? How long will you stay? How seriously are you still taking the blog? seriously are you taking the blogger? What are you doing now? Are you staying or going?

You will not even read the second article, I’m pretty sure. You’ve probably had the heel a long time ago. They are gone and will not be back. I’m pretty sure of that, too.

Expert status is obtained by means of qualified content. That’s why the content should be in the foreground. They are the capital of every blog. For a salesman, rattling is part of the craft – but for an expert, the gentleness of restraint.

And here I come to the most important point. The most important thing when blogging is to establish itself as an expert in his niche like Blogsjunction Website in which they have recently published an article About cokeandpopcorn

. Your visitor must get the impression from the beginning. Here is someone who knows, and here I am dealing with someone who helps me with my problems. At no time, may the impression arise, here is someone who wants to turn me on any crap.

Therefore, it can not be emphasized often enough how important, especially for new blogs, is the creation of good and unique content. However, this costs a lot of work and time, without immediately immediate monetary benefits should be drawn from it or can.

Use a blog to brand yourself or your company as a “problem solver”. If your blog is taken seriously, your other projects/products/ services will also be perceived in a comfortable environment. Suddenly you are no longer the Emperor of the Hamburg Mannheimer (“Hilde does not open the door!”) But Mr. Kaiser, who provides me with good information, has gone in advance. (“Hilde at the blog of Mr. Kaiser, I’ve read something interesting, because you could call sometimes”). I admit, a stupid example, but basically, it’s the basic problem.

Unfortunately, this important point is forgotten. Many install their first WordPress blog and have before the first written article only the dollar signs in mind. Many saviors of the Internet marketing industry are only too happy to give the impression that making money with blogging is the easiest thing in the world. Unfortunately, this is not true. And anyone who trusts in these salvationists will fail.

Let’s Take an example of blogs4people. It is a multi-niche website and authors of that website work hard in blogging and does their best so that they earn much money if you also want to earn money then you have to start blogging.

Before the price, the gods set the diligence. First of all, write 50 articles. Not just some blah, but high quality, unique items. Deliver added value to your visitors. You win absolutely nothing if your blog has more banners than daily visitors. There are thousands of spamming blogs. Nobody wants to read them and that’s a good thing.

Surely, it will now be argued why so much time and work should be invested in a blog, if then nothing may be earned?

This objection is quite justified. Of course, I would like to earn as a blogger / sole trader/company too. This is legitimate and there is nothing bad about that. But

How do I do that best?

Blogging is time-consuming and requires a lot of work. It must always be well considered if you can afford this effort and wants. However, choosing to blog one of the most powerful ways to brand yourself or your company as an expert and to keep in touch with customers and prospects.

If you succeed in establishing a high-traffic blog, you have a powerful weapon in your hands that will make you stand out from the competition.

Avoid blogging for the quick buck. Blogging I see as a long-term seen marketing tool, which must be integrated into an overall marketing strategy.

I see a blog as a place to make contacts. The actual sale should be done elsewhere. Here then one has the undeniable advantage to be perceived as an expert and not as a pure seller.

This Beautifull Video will help you more for making money online with blogging.


What I’ve written here is primarily for self-employed or corporate blogs. Of course, you can just blog and have fun.


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