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What is Internship?

So What is Internship?

An Internship is a period of time which is  offered by  an employer  in an organization to provide the opportunity for a student or graduate to gain experience

The modern professional world in any sector thrives on experience. The more experience gained by a person, the more he or she is able to make a mark in his or her chosen field because that experience also acts as a unique skill booster.
Experiences facilitate and encourage innovation in multiple areas and open up the gates for constant growth and expansion.
Types of Internship
  • Paid Internship
  • Free Internship

Paid Internship – It is an internship in which you get money during training and experience

Free Internship – In free Internship you dont get money but you get a good experience with a great exposure

Summer Internship porgram
Source:- https://engineering.eckovation.com/best-summer-training-cum-internship-program-engineering-students/

A summer internship program, for example, would expose young talent to numerous new avenues of India’s capital city while familiarising him or her with the nuances of the trade that he or she has opted for.

Internships are considered a stepping stone for the polishing of skills in a diversified scenario that involves various industries of graphics, trade, engineering, software, IT and so on.

Interning at a reputed and well known multinational company has its own benefits while interning with a startup lends a different experience and insight into the intricate systems and work procedures that happen and are followed in a professional and formal business set up or the environment.

Any summer internship program in Delhi or any other Indian city, town or state can be a great training ground. This is true for aspiring professionals because internships can prove to be highly beneficial in terms of letting them learn about what their future work could possibly include.

The nature of internships is a highly diversified one. On one hand, there is a vast range of operations and processes to know and understand while on the other hand, the period of internship enables the intern to experiment with the variety in their ways of working.
This very variety turns out to be of great help when the person is trying to improve his or her efficiency and knowledge of his or her chosen career path and work atmosphere.

A summer internship program in several sectors is not just important for students. That so because it is equally important for those professionals who are yet to start with a full-time job.

It is usually considered ideal that individuals who are pursuing a degree must look out for interning opportunities well before their graduation is complete.
This is said with the sole motive in mind that a dedicated internship with a good company is always seen to be helpful for enhancing the technical as well as the professional skill set of a particular intern irrespective of the field in which he or she has chosen to work in future.

How Important Are Internships For A Fruitful Career


Why are internships important
Source:- https://atarnotes.com/internships/
Everyone these days knows the importance of selecting the proper course for the education at both undergraduate as well as postgraduate level.
The selection is made very wisely and people, including students as well as the parents, are aware that this is directly going to affect the career of the child.
At this point, one thing that often most people neglect is the joining of a proper summer internship by the students. This is in fact as important in a person career start as academics.
Undergoing such a thing actually provides the student with the right kind of exposure to the outside corporate world. This exposure then, not only gives the student the right kind of confidence to start and make a career, when the education is completed,
but it also gives the students a platform whereby they can learn to adapt to the outside professional environment. They not only get an idea of as to how things are done in the outside world, but they are also made accustomed to the way of proceedings in terms of the work culture, proper approach, etc.

Whatever the career choice is either jobs or entrepreneurship, internships are a must. The most preferable time to undergo such a kind of a programme (Which can be done in a company which is offering the same) is the summer vacations.

It is in this time when the students have holidays and also have sufficient time that they can utilize in a fruitful manner for shaping their careers in a better way.

Getting an Internship is not that easy. The challenge is to first find the appropriate company which offers the profile for which the student is looking for, and then getting into it.

But as every problem has a solution, the online platform has also brought about numerous solutions and ways in which the students can find and opt for the best summer internship of their choice.
Make Intern is one such Solution. This is a website that acts as a platform for the students seeking opportunities and the companies offering them to come together.
It has hundreds of companies listed, which offer summer internship opportunities for the students. The students can directly log on to the website and find the right kind of programme, as per their needs. The website has both paid as well as unpaid (Those which only offer a certificate) listed in it.

The Several Benefits Of An Internship Experience

Check out this Video to get a better understanding

There is no doubt that a program like a summer internship in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi or other major cities in India is a tool to enhance one’s career prospects in more ways than one.

Internships in any company whether established or a start-up allows you to gain the much appreciated and required transferable skills across several domains including your most preferred one.

There is a point of significance that we tend to overlook and it is the fact that all students have their educational experience in common but even then only a few are able to realize their dreams and accomplish their own goals in a profession.

So what is it that others lack?

It certainly is an arguable point of discussion where it can very well be said that they lack the required skills and dedication.

Another major factor could be their experience in the related field in which they are seeking a job. It cannot be denied that previous work experience does matter a lot to employers and the students who stand out at full-time interviews are the ones who have gained work experiences by the time they graduate.

Experience as an intern needs to be fulfilling at all levels and makes the candidates more marketable automatically. This is due to the fact that they require less training as they have already been exposed to this world through their specialized intern’s program or a summer internship in Ahmedabad or any other place for that matter.

Additionally, an internship experience would also make them more able to handle responsibilities at various levels so that they can handle several departments of full-time work more efficiently.

Internships also contribute to the development of communication/interpersonal skills, teamwork and computer proficiency. Other than the numerous benefits at the professional level, internships can also function as a source for earning some extra credit in case your degree program incorporates a work opportunity as an elective course.

In case you happen to get a summer internship in Ahmedabad that is paid or an interning opportunity that allows you to earn a stipend, then that also adds on to the list of opportunities that make it possible for you to enhance your future career in your chosen field.


To conclude all of it, an internship experience would allow you to give a shape to your planned career path. This is due to the fact that when you get an idea of how exactly things work out in a professional setting, you also get to decide whether you would want to continue in that particular area or would you prefer a change of stream.

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